GamePlanX Project Team Execution Assessment Tool

Organization Name
Use a scale of 0-10, 0 means Not Applicable or you strongly disagree and 10 means you strongly agree to rate your team in response to each question below.
  • The project has well defined requirements and the key stakeholders/customers are familiar with the benefits they will derive from the project outcome.
  • The project has realistic plans and deadlines.
  • There is a high level of confidence in the Team Leader's (TL) capability to get the team to deliver within scope, ontime and within budget. *A Team Leader can be a CEO, Business Owner, Project Manager (PM) or any individual responsible for getting a team to execute a plan.
  • The TL has the authority, process and tools to communicate, direct and monitor the team to execute as planned. *Team includes multi-location teams and vendors essential for execution.
  • The TL and team have a common understanding of the project plan and deliverables.
  • The team members have the right skills, training, tools and working environment to execute their assigned tasks.
  • The team members demonstrate high morale and initiative; and you are not having to deal with repeating instructions, same mistakes, complaining and high turnover.
  • You have the ability and resources to add staff late to achieve aggressive schedules/scope creep.
  • The project has adequate financial resources and budget in place.
  • Top management or key stakeholders/customers provides sustained support and commitment to ensure the project is executed as planned.

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